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Lewbonne Development is a premier residential and commercial real estate developer located in both Chicago and Houston, markets we build in. Our concept ethos is creating point-of-difference designs which are unique to us. We primarily build our projects to sell to the end-use home buyer; additionally when potential clients have a novel construction endeavor we are available to design and build our point-of-difference projects for new clientele. Having a connected network of designers, architects and construction/project management ensures our place among top-tier, real-estate developers in our category. We believe this method has proven to be the key-point on how we compete in the highly competitive real estate end-use selling market and helps to set us apart from our competitors. 




Investment opportunities are available for our “Build to Sell” concept. Overall, our point-of-difference homes have higher yields than our competitors and our capabilities allow us to fully develop a turn-key project from the acquisition of land or an existing structure to the final one-of-a-kind design. We work with both new-build, custom homes as well as existing home and condominium rehab projects. We believe that not only is it unique to find a contractor who designs but also a designer and architect who is a builder.  

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Lewbonne is available for hire to design + remodel using our point-of-difference methods for potential clients seeking our unique architectural designs for home renovations or a high-tier condominium restorations. Our point-of-difference designs are unique to us and we believe they have proven to be the key-point of differentiating ourselves in the highly competitive, end-use selling market and sets us apart from our competition and helps keep our designs fresh, relevant and unique. This is one of the ways we keep the resale values higher than the average build. We are known for our cutting-edge designs and are proud to be one of the leading design + build innovators in the industry today in our category.



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