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Lewbonne Development is a premier residential and commercial real estate developer located in both Chicago and Houston. Our concept ethos is creating point-of-difference designs which are unique. We primarily build our projects to sell to the end-use home buyer; additionally when potential clients have a novel construction endeavor we are available to design and build our point-of-difference projects for new clientele. Having an in-house team of designers, architects and construction/project management ensures our place among top-tier, real estate developers in our category.



We love to share our concept ethos via storytelling. While social media platforms have afforded us convenience in the line of communication, storytelling remains our most powerful tool, engaging our audience and educating them about our brand by adhering to our point-of-difference business model. We invariably disrupt market categories we build in.




3712 N. Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60613 (773) 441-8533