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Lewbonne Development primarily builds its projects to sell to the end-use home buyer. We are also available for hire to design and restore homes and condominiums using our point-of-difference method for potential clients seeking our unique architectural designs for a home renovations or a high-tier condominium restorations. 

We have a team of designers who extensively research the latest trends in home design. Keeping in mind that designs must also meet the duration-of-use standard, we mostly build from period eras.

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Lewbonne will take you on a guided tour of our previous work to demonstrate first-hand the difference between what a Lewbonne project features, which blends our point-of-difference designs, and an ordinary cookie-cutter home built by others. We maximize your return-on-investment. No detail is overlooked. Our founders have worked with interior designers and contractors for many years which allows us to bring insider industry experience to your project. From ordering of specialty light fixtures to custom selected colors specifically Lewbonne for the project, we guarantee every aspect of the home will be unique to your project. We do not build the same house twice.

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Hand-made custom cabinetry built by our craftsmen.

We handcraft and design our beautiful cabinetry in-house and it is as functional and durable as it is beautiful. We use European 3-way, adjustable, self-closing internal hinges. Drawers utilize a smooth action, self-closing mechanism which is concealed under a mounted, stainless steel suspension. We manufacture only full-access, frameless cabinetry which offers up to 15% more usable space than typical framed and stocked construction cabinetry. Our clients get more storage space without adding additional cabinetry or depth which saves space in the kitchen and bathrooms. Our cabinet makers use only the finest materials to craft our cabinets to create our project-specific one-of-a-kind designs.

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Our point-of-difference designs are unique to us and we believe they have proven to be the key-point of differentiating ourselves in the highly competitive, end-use selling market. It sets us apart from our competition and helps keep our designs fresh, relevant and unique. This is one of the ways we keep our resale values higher than the average build. We are known for our cutting-edge designs and are proud to be one of the leading design and build innovators in our category for the industry in which we compete.

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