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Lewbonne primarily builds its projects to sell to the end-use home buyer. We are also available for hire to design and build our point-of-difference projects for potential clients seeking our unique architectural designs for a new home build or a high-tier condominium restoration. 

We have a team of designers who extensively research the latest trends in home design. Keeping in mind that designs must also meet the duration-of-use standard, we mostly build from period eras.

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Lewbonne will take you on a guided tour of our previous work to demonstrate first-hand the difference between what a Lewbonne Development project features, which blends our point-of-difference designs, and an ordinary cookie-cutter home built by others. We maximize your return-on-investment. No detail is overlooked. Our founders have worked with interior designers and contractors for many years which allows us to bring insider industry experience to your project. From ordering of specialty light fixtures to custom selected colors specifically made for the project, we guarantee every aspect of the home will be unique to your project. We do not build the same house twice.

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 1.  Consultation Meeting

This first meeting is at your property and generally takes about an hour and a half to two hours. We'll take a look around and ask lots of specific questions, then listen carefully to your questions. From remodeling a home for profit to creating your perfect dream home, we need to get to know you. We will then bring you on a guided tour of our current and/or past projects so you can see first hand the quality of our work. After all, how can anyone prove how good they are if they have nothing to show?


2.  Design Agreement & Concept Development

After deciding to move forward with Lewbonne Development at the consultation meeting, you'll sign a design agreement and we'll set the appointment for the next step. Our designer/builder will return to your home or project, take photographs to serve as a source to the creation of the existing conditions, and measure the work areas to move toward a detailed set of conceptual drawings. A discovery process is generally conducted when the concept drawings are fully developed and reflect your desired project. This will reveal any potential cost drivers such as the need to update an electric panel, replace plumbing lines, and check for any building restrictions within your area. We have found that this process reduces surprises and more clearly identifies a “best approach."


3.  The selection and specification process

Now the fun really begins! Our designer becomes your designer and they take you through a guided selection process. This is where the Lewbonne's talent really kicks in. Your design will be unique to you and your lifestyle and will show you firsthand how far your investment will stretch. From an investment standpoint our team of "insider" designers will blow you away at how much you can get for the money.


4.  Design Development, Scope of Work and Budgets

The key advantage of the design-to-build approach to remodeling is that you get a comprehensive, integrated package of services from start to finish. At the same time, you will receive a budget that corresponds to your design plan and material selections. The same company that develops the concept also takes responsibility for cost accounting. No surprises!

By the end of the design phase, we'll have walked you through a number of possible approaches to your project. You’ll also have a detailed scope of the work and a schedule of all of your selections. You can focus on the project knowing we’ll make sure it stays on budget. You’ll understand exactly what you're getting and how much it will cost.


5. Construction Agreement

After you have approved the final design, scope of the work, and the budget, you’ll sign a construction agreement. The project will be scheduled once the retainer has been paid to hold the date. We will discuss how you need to prepare your project for the planned remodel or build, the services Lewbonne will provide to protect your home, and how to accommodate the relocation of household items that are within the planned work areas.


6.  Construction Phase

The construction phase begins with a Pre-Construction Conference that involves you and a Lewbonne consultant. The purpose of this meeting is to complete a hand-off from Design to Production. The Lewbonne consultant will then be on-site for ordering supplies, scheduling trade contractors, and maintaining strict quality control standards.

Weekly meetings will be conducted at your property at a time convenient for you. We use these meetings throughout the construction phase to ensure communication remains open between you and Lewbonne Development. These weekly meetings include a review of where the project is at currently, what is coming up, and what still needs to be done. At Lewbonne, we believe respect for the schedule is good for both of us; you need to know what to expect and receive progress reports, and we need to achieve the deadlines on which we base our estimate. 

7.  Contact us to set up a meeting - we want to hear from you

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