We're expanding and seeking growth investment partners.  Our proven point of difference designs ensure we stay relevant in the highly competitive real estate end-use selling market that we  build in.

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Opportunities are available for our Build to Sell concept.  In general, our point of difference homes have higher yields than our competitors and our abilities allow us to fully develop a turn-key project from acquisition of land or purchasing of an existing structure by fully building a new custom home or rehabbing a city condominium with our one-of-a-kind designs.  We believe that it is unique to find a contractor who designs and a designer and architect who is also a builder.  After the project is completely built but before we're ready for a showing tour to perspective end-use buyer we fully style the home including the intense use of outdoor and indoor dressings, furniture, fixtures, textiles, wares with an elaborate landscaping package ready to sell the completed home to the end-use home buyer.  Many of our prospective home buyers are excited to learn that almost everything in our homes is available when purchasing from us.   The value of time, something that can't be bought with today's  busy professions whom are balancing their full career and raising a family or other elements in life is so time consuming and to have a move-in ready home that has all of the interior wares in it's place is a tremendous value of time for our prospective buyer.  Searching and installing of wares, textiles and furniture in a home that is completely done in a level of taste that's almost unobtainable in today's end-use selling market.  

Lewbonne is located in both Chicago and Houston and develops it's properties to sell.  Besides the use investor funds, we finance most of our  projects with our own Lewbonne company funding.   Our immense attention to detail in addition to our solid development background in both residential and commercial projects sets us apart from our competitors. 

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Our point of difference designs that are unique to us, we believe has proven to be the key-point  how we compete in the highly competitive real estate end-use selling market.  We  are  interested in partnering with certain investors who have the ability to bring financial capitol and share in our design plus build ethos and wants to grow our point of difference development business.   

Contact us today to get more information on how we can use your investment capitol with our proven point of difference approach to our Build to Sell business.

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Trey has built a career out of being a successful entrepreneur. The third generation Houstonian with deep roots in  the commercial and residential real estate industry,  started at a very young age with a love affair for design and building.   After running a franchised Chuck E. Cheese, at  23 he acquired the outlet's assets and opened one of Houston’s first independently-owned animatronic pizza  themed restaurants, "Banjo Billy's Pizza" aptly named after his father “Billy."  His design skills came in handy as Trey had  to produce from scratch the  center's overall schematic including the look and feel of the business, new character's electronics/costumes and food recipes without the help from a national franchisor.

The restaurant was later sold and Trey decided to take a career sabbatical and spent the  next decade finishing school at Colorado State University studying architecture and exploring every corner of the world sketching and observing great architecture that he could incorporate into Lewbonne Development.  He ultimately believes the lines that separate commercial and residential design are blurred and he often blends the two ideas of both concepts into his award winning residential projects.





Born to parents who themselves loved the adventure of exploration,  Calvin at an early age started exploring many of the world's architectural pioneering cities.  His love of all things beautiful led to his passion of creating homes built for those that want a unique space.  This passion and drive is what started Lewbonne Development and what also continues to make every home a masterpiece.

Being a natural perfectionist about quality and meticulous about the details,  Calvin knows that producing the best requires patience and time.  In his view there is no such thing as "a rush job."  His eye is drawn to unique items that can be re-purposed, salvaged items with a history and a story to tell, Items that are not only spectacular to look at but functional as well.  On the flip side Calvin loves the challenge of taking the ugly-duckling architecturally challenged project and creating the "talked about design" for the next generation of up and coming designers.

For those of you that want what no one else has, Calvin knows how to create the “wow” factor home you have been looking for.  Ultimately building projects that will survive the test of time, he is a natural at creating beautiful things and lives his life by the idea that good taste never goes out of style.